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What is Wasatia in Islam?

educating Holocaust at schools

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The Role of Wasatia to promote education in the Palestinian culture: PDF Print E-mail
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The Role of Wasatia to promote education in the palestinian culture:  

1.       Historical/Political Context/ Educational objectives

The persistent Israeli occupation and the failure of the Camp David Summit meeting of 2000 resulted in the Second Palestinian intifada spurring trends of political radicalism and religious extremism within the Palestinian society. The Wasatia movement was created in January 2007 as non-governmental, non-profit, non-political initiative to change this trend. Its declared goals are: (a) To bring a deeper and more rational understanding of Islam to Moslems as well as to non-Moslems; (b) To clarify the distortions to which Islam has been subjected at home and in the West; (c) To educate Palestinians on taboo topics such as the Holocaust taking a new humanistic approach; (d) To seek answers for the deep religious, political, social, and economic crises inflicting the Palestinian society; (e) To strive and work for ending the Israeli military occupation through negotiations and peaceful means; (f) To spread and promote Islamic tolerant concepts, values and principles within the Palestinian community; (g) To encourage the practice of moderation among Palestinians in order to mitigate religious radicalism and bigotry and reduce political extremism; (h) To bring a message of peace, moderation, justice, coexistence, tolerance, and reconciliation to Palestinian community through vocal civic leaders;(i) To teach creative and critical thinking and open-mindedness; and (j) to empower the potential for leadership in their society.The goal in interfaith dialogue and education is to deconstruct religious mythologies and Quranic distortions and misinterpretations and to promote knowledge of the religion of other;

1.       Actors-lecturers, facilitators, writers, professors, school teachers, religious leaders, youth, young adults ,guest lecturers, lecturers by the professional staff, tour guides

2.       Activities—Dialogues, Workshops, public lectures, publications.

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WASATIA: The Middle Road


Wasatia, a new moderate Islamic initiative was launched in Palestine in March 2007. The term literally means center or between two odds but is used in the Holy Quran to mean justice, moderation, mid-ground, and balance: {“And thus We have created you a mid-ground nation.”} {“Thus have We made of you an Ummatan Wasatan (justly balanced).”[1]} A famous quote for Prophet Mohammed is: “The best way to run affairs is through moderation.”


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